Nice mention of my bookcover design for “What About the Boy?”

From Patti Roberts’ BOOK BLOG interview with author Stephen Gallup:

“Who designed the cover of your book?
Credit for the front cover of What About the Boy? goes to Deborah Bell, a graphic designer based in Florida. I told her I wanted something that suggested a maze, because the book is ultimately about the experience of being lost, with no reliable guidance. She came up with several alternatives, all of which had appeal. A focus group seemed like the best way to pick the best, so I sent the preliminary images around to a whole bunch of book-oriented friends to get their feedback. As it turned out, the vote was pretty evenly split, so I had to make the decision after all.”
Entire interview with the author is HERE.

Very kind words from longtime client

“As a Direct Marketer for over 20 years, a graphic designer who fully understands the client’s brand is hard to come by. Not so in my experience with Deborah J. Bell (Graphic Art Studio). Debbie has been working on the Orion account since 1999 and had consistently been an outstanding performer. Her knowledge of our brand is exemplary.  She is experienced, with great vision and talent. She understands creative. She’s sharp, meticulous, attentive and intuitive. The quality and quantity of work she provided on our account and her sense of aesthetic is superb. Her skills in managing project are outstanding.  Everyone should have a graphic designer like Debbie on their team.

Orion is not an easy client to service. Our timelines are always tight and we are often behind schedule. Our orders are not always detailed and specifications can occasionally change on the fly. We realize that Orion is a complex client, and to provide excellent service is not easy task. Debbie was fully engaged in each project she worked on for us, effectively making our problem, her problem and she never, ever missed a deadline. She handled feedback/direction changes better than any other vendor I have ever worked with. That’s why it was a pleasure to have a graphic designer like Deb dedicated to the Orion account. We recommend Deborah J. Bell and Graphic Design Studio to any organization. She is a great asset to any company.”

Kim Jones-McKnight, Director of Marketing – Orion Development Group
Paul King – CEO – Orion Development Group