Interpersonal Hypnotherapy book design


Full book design for “Interpersonal Hypnotherapy” by Matthew Brownstein, CCHt. Created for Anahat Education Group/International Association of Interpersonal Hypnotherapists (IAIH), this is the first book in a series of totally redesigned products from their catalog.

Through public awareness, high ethical standards, compliance with Federal and State standards of education, transparency, continuing education and synergistic growth, IAIH works to lead the way in global transformation through honoring the importance of relationships in every aspect of the human experience.




Shining Leaf book design

shining-leafFull book design of Shining Leaf: Miracles Along the Path to Peace” by Sara Linda Long, CCHt and IIH Graduate.

Within these pages, Sara Linda Long explores her life journey, her journey through “A Course in Miracles” and her deeply personal transformations at the Institute of Interpersonal Hypnotherapy.

“Human consciousness is evolving rapidly now and change is inevitable. As we begin to understand the power of our thought and the oneness of all being, we must take responsibility for our thinking and learn to purify it. By clearing out negative beliefs and perceptions we can bring the conscious mind into congruency with the feeling mind and align our will with the power of love and compassion. With this, amazing changes occur, both in our own lives and the lives of others. This is how miracles work. This is the way to heal ourselves and our world.”

Nice mention of my bookcover design for “What About the Boy?”

From Patti Roberts’ BOOK BLOG interview with author Stephen Gallup:

“Who designed the cover of your book?
Credit for the front cover of What About the Boy? goes to Deborah Bell, a graphic designer based in Florida. I told her I wanted something that suggested a maze, because the book is ultimately about the experience of being lost, with no reliable guidance. She came up with several alternatives, all of which had appeal. A focus group seemed like the best way to pick the best, so I sent the preliminary images around to a whole bunch of book-oriented friends to get their feedback. As it turned out, the vote was pretty evenly split, so I had to make the decision after all.”
Entire interview with the author is HERE.

“What About the Boy?” Book Cover Design

What About the Boy? A Father’s Pledge to His Disabled Son is a soon-to-be-released memoir by Stephen Gallup about parents who became dissenters, albeit in the cause of achieving normal life, for themselves and their child. The parents protested a medical protocol that, in their view, offered nothing to a baby who was obviously in great distress, and explored the offerings of alternative medicine and witnessed startling achievements. They also discovered the significant costs of their course of action.

Estimated release date: August 15, 2011.

Book cover illustration designed by the Graphic Arts Studio.