Sarasota EDC Investor Briefing brochure

EDC-Investor-BriefingThe Economic Development Corporation of Sarasota County is a successful public/private partnership focused on growing and diversifying the economy of Sarasota County, while enhancing the county’s unique natural and cultural environments. The EDC is the catalyst for creating a vibrant economy that is sustainable and globally competitive.

Sarasota EDC Annual Meeting


COS Force Main project flyers

To enhance the reliability and sustainability of the City of Sarasota infrastructure, the Utilities Department undertook two significant projects to replace aging force mains and water mains on Lido Key, St. Armand’s Key, Coon Key, Bird Key, Siesta Key and downtown.


Additional Fertility brochures

Two additional services brochures for a Washington, DC area fertility clinic.


I believe in an open mind…

I was recently thrilled to find that one of the quotes I submitted for consideration to Print Magazine’s Imprint blog was selected to be turned into an illustration for the “Words of Wisdom” column of fabulous graphic designer Seymour Chwast!

Chwast, along with equally famous graphic designer Milton Glaser and others, was one of the founders of the iconic New York design and illustration studio PUSHPIN STUDIOS in 1954. PUSHPIN became one of the guiding references in the world of graphic design and illustration, in effect helping to revolutionize the way people look at design. Chwast’s work is in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and major museums around the world.

I actually had the pleasure of meeting Chwast himself at the San Diego Comic Con last year, and being able to tell him just how much his work had influenced my own career as a graphic designer, so this lucky chance of having an illustration done by him based on my suggestion was truly a treat!

You can see the IMPRINT blog article HERE.



Take Back the Tap! campaign

COS-Water-Poster-GirlAmericans spend nearly $15 billion annually on bottled water, in part because they buy into the myth of purity in a bottle and think that it is somehow safer or better than tap water.  The City of Sarasota is promoting a new Take back the Tap! campaign, which is designed to educate the consumer about the many benefits of drinking City water compared to bottled water.

boytakebackethetap1The City of Sarasota is committed to providing safe drinking water to all of its customers and wants everyone to know that City drinking water meets all Federal and State health and safety standards. Since 2009 the City has reinvested over $13.5 million in its water utility infrastructure to ensure that future generations have access to safe, affordable drinking water.

Suncoast Workforce Board direct mail

Direct mail piece for the Suncoast Workforce Board.


Direct mail campaign for Orion

Direct mail campaign for Orion Development Group corporate training and consulting services.


Orion Development Group company brochure

Company brochure for Orion Development Group, which offers public seminars through university partnerships and a range of corporate training and consulting services. Orion’s entire curriculum, including all public seminars, is available for on-site training, and can be customized to a company’s individual needs. Contract training can multiply the benefits of a seminar by applying concepts and techniques within the context of an individual company’s specific business challenges.


Nice mention of my bookcover design for “What About the Boy?”

From Patti Roberts’ BOOK BLOG interview with author Stephen Gallup:

“Who designed the cover of your book?
Credit for the front cover of What About the Boy? goes to Deborah Bell, a graphic designer based in Florida. I told her I wanted something that suggested a maze, because the book is ultimately about the experience of being lost, with no reliable guidance. She came up with several alternatives, all of which had appeal. A focus group seemed like the best way to pick the best, so I sent the preliminary images around to a whole bunch of book-oriented friends to get their feedback. As it turned out, the vote was pretty evenly split, so I had to make the decision after all.”
Entire interview with the author is HERE.